Sweet pleasures

In this house, with a picturesque porch, lives our beloved Kinga. Any time we visit her, we are welcome by delicious treats, as cooking is one of Kinga's favorite activities:)

Wake Up day

Last sunny Sunday was marked by the extreme sports. While looking for an interesting event nearby, we got to Malta Wake Park in the city of Poznań. There on that Sunday the first edition of wakeboard workshop took place addressed to girls who wish to master their skills.

FUERTEVENTURA – a Windy Island

There are places we fall in love with from at first sight and we want to go back there. Fuerteventura is an island that captured our hearts. It was a trip that we want to keep in our memory forever. The video, which we would like to share with you today is for us an important memorial, a collection of lovely moments.

Icy fruity refreshment

On hot sunny days we search for some refreshment. Summer is a wonderful time for preparing home-made fruit desserts. Market stalls tempt us with juicy strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and other seasonal fruit. This time we have decided to prepare some colorful sorbets.

Iceland – Elves’ home

According to the legend, the Elves are the ancient people of Iceland who came to the island with the Vikings. These are respected inhabitants of the country who should be treated exceptionally. They live in harmony with the nature and fight against human interference in Icelandic nature.

In search of Elves

Traveling is something that I love the most. Soon I will have a trip to a place that has always intrigued me, and for many years occupied the first position on the list of places that I dreamed to visit.