It’s always tea time – exhibition

At the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń an exhibition took place that was inspired by the Lewis Carroll's book "Alice in Wonderland". The works of 72 artists from 16 countries were presented. The references to the cult novel have been several times made on our blog, and again this time I cannot resist to show you the amazing works I saw and photographed.

Tea time

Temperature outside does not spoil us. In the air one sense the slowly approaching winter, and summer is just a fading memory. Time to pull out warm sweaters, scarves and gloves from the closet. What should we do to avoid cold and sick? We have a tasty way. Nothing will warm us and add strength, even on the coldest day, so much as the delicious healthy tea.

How to like autumn rain?

Many people do not like the fall, because it is gray, windy and rainy. What can we do, we have such a climate :) We can either move to warm countries, or stay in Poland  and complain every year for a few months, or what we would really recommend – start to like this time of the year :)

Big Trash Animals

Can garbage and trash be given a new shape? Can we conjure up something nice of the ugly objects and give them a new life? To this questions you will find an answer in the work of the Lisbon artist Bordalo II.

Magnum Pleasure Store

Each trip is an opportunity for me to explore new unique places. This time during my short trip to Lisbon I came across Magnum Pleasure Store. This is the place where the well-known ice cream take on a different dimension …