Welcome to our world!

We are happy that you are here;) Enjoy The Little Things is a space that we have created especially for you. We want to provide you with positive vibes and inspire you to celebrate each day and to enjoy the little things. We share with you what we like, love and what gives us joy and pleasure. We will tell you about unusual people, places and events. We will look for inspirations and learn about interesting trends. Most important for us is that the time spent on our blog was a pleasure for you and our posts give you positive emotions ;)



I am an open person who enjoys the little things in life. Blog is  important part of my life and my greatest passion. I never stop dreaming, because I know that dreams come true. I believe in the power of positive thinking and creating own reality through visualization. I love meeting new people, street art, photography, Alice in Wonderland and chocolate. I am happy and through our blog I want share with you my ways to be happy every day. In each of the posts is little part of me and by reading it you will know me better. Welcome to the extraordinary space which is Enjoy The Little Things ;)



I am crazy… a little bit about me soon :)