Big Trash Animals

Can garbage and trash be given a new shape? Can we conjure up something nice of the ugly objects and give them a new life? To this questions you will find an answer in the work of the Lisbon artist Bordalo II.

Street Art is an area for which we Gosia and I have particular weakness. While travelling, we seek out sites that hide some Street Art pearls in:) This time planning my short visit to Lisbon, I hit the Internet for a unique work of local authors Bordalo II. This Lisbon artist became famous in the world thanks to his unique project called “Big Trash Animals”. His works are the combination of graffiti and sculpture. To create installation he uses not only paints and sprays, but mainly garbage found on the streets, including old tires, cables, plastic containers, cans, and parts of the car body. He combines plain gray garbage into images of large animals, fixing them together and painting in very intense colours. His works are created on the walls of old houses and abandoned alleys of cities. They are very colourful and multi-dimensional. Through the project “Big Trash Animals” Bordalo II wants to draw the audience’s attention to the animals living in our environment, showing the problem of environmental degradation and over-production of garbage.

In Lisbon Bordalo II he created several installations. It is difficult to find them because, as it befits the creator of street art, he does not boast about their location. It was hard for me to find any information on the Internet on this subject. However, I did not give up and I was able to see one of his works for myself :) Below the Big Raccoon, which I found on the wall of the Cultural Centre of Belem district.



On the way to Belem from the bus window I saw also fish by Bordalo II. Part of a series of fish with big eyes, which is to be a metaphor associated with the level of pollution of our oceans and rivers.


I am very happy that I was able to see the Big Raccoon. I wanted to see a rabbit (Grabb IT) too, which is my favourite Trash Animal. Unfortunately, I did not have time to conduct the search on my own. No one on the Internet shared the information where to find it, yet.



Bordalo II creates mainly in Portugal. However, his works can be admired all over the world, including Germany, Estonia, Spain, Norway, Italy, in Las Vegas, Aruba, but also … in Poland. Unusual mural was created as a part of the Festival of Energy City on the Kilińskiego 127 Street (corner of Al. Piłsudskiego) in Lodz. The artist created a bird swift using his favourite recycling materials, including plastic, old bumpers, covers for car doors and siding decking panels. The art presents Swifts, whose population decreases from year to year, among other things because of brick up slots in buildings.

Before leaving for Lisbon I had never heard of Bordalo II. I am very glad that I came across the work of this artist and that I can share it with you. I love art that adds charm to ugly forgotten places, and at the same time draws attention to the very important issues and an afterthought. I hope that more people will hear about this artist, and someday I hit on his installations. Certainly in the first place I go to see the  swift in Lodz, because fortunately I know the exact address :)

If you like the work Bordalo II, see the rest of his works at

xoxo Marta

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