El Coco – coconut jewelery

We love things that bring back good memories. Thinking about El Coco we remember sunny weather at the Polish seaside and the largest Polish skimboard event. It was then when we discovered the coconut jewelry.

Little cosmetic pleasures vol.1

Perfumes...who does not love them? Favorite notes hidden in tiny jars. They are like little treasures that give us joy, fragrances that impact our senses with a bit of magic that we can experience every day... They express our personality, hide an enchanted story, awaken memories. They are the luxury we cannot do without.

How to like autumn rain?

Many people do not like the fall, because it is gray, windy and rainy. What can we do, we have such a climate :) We can either move to warm countries, or stay in Poland  and complain every year for a few months, or what we would really recommend – start to like this time of the year :)

Art Next to Fashion

Fashion has always been connected with art. The exhibition in CSW (Modern Art Center) in Torun is kind of sketch of this phenomenon. Artists invited to participate in the exhibition are outstanding in their fields. Presented in the CSW jewelry, costumes, pictures, films, photographs prove that ART (is) next to FASHION!

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