El Coco – coconut jewelery

We love things that bring back good memories. Thinking about El Coco we remember sunny weather at the Polish seaside and the largest Polish skimboard event. It was then when we discovered the coconut jewelry.

When we found the El COCO stall it was enough just to have a glance and we knew the bracelets were a “must have”. They charmed us with originality, handmade graphic on tiny coconut skin and meticulous make.

El Coco stall during skimboard event in Gdańsk Jelitkowo.

Especially for participants of Polish Skimboarding Open El Coco prepared coconut medals for winners. They looked really awesome and perfectly matched the atmosphere of competitions.

Attracted by El Coco we wanted to know something more about this fantastic jewelry, who makes it and how it is made…

It turned out that everything is the doing of a duet of Anika and Marcin. Both live in Warsaw where they have their workshop and showroom. Both told us how El Coco emerged:

A & M: “This was a spontaneous action. Everything started 2 years ago.  on holidays. Before that none of us had thought about creating jewelry. The very idea appeared at the pool party on a very hot day. We made drink cups of coconut just for good fun. Anika loved one shape that was created on occasion of cutting and such was the beginning.”

fot. El Coco

The jewelry is inspired by Anika and Marcin’s style of life.

A & M: It’s the whole culture of skateboarding, surfing, snowboard and street art. But probably the most doze of energy and motivation we get from people we get to know as El Coco. People give us loads of positive emotions. We really love to cooperate with interesting people from whole world and see how our jewelry travels through the globe“.

fot. El Coco

The process of making the jewelry is also interesting. El Coco worked out their own coconut processing method. Its characteristic feature is the way of grinding the convex side into a characteristic ‘diamond’.

fot. El Coco

A & M: “Everything starts from opening the coconut and a glass of coconut water. Then you must select ideal pieces of the skin and draw shapes, and then you cut, grind and polish.  When elements of bracelets and pendants are ready, Anika takes them into her hands to decorate them with sophisticated graphics“.

fot. El Coco

fot. El Coco

Apart from jewelry, El Coco makes great stickers. For the last series of stickers El Coco invited a few interesting artists. INTERNATIONAL STICKER PACK was created thanks to @t_o_m_r_0_l_l_s from Australia@boxpalm from California, @arnismuhammad & @qurbaniakbar  from Indonesia and @mahalo_surf_beach_art_ from Mexico. 

El Coco is a positive energy. Wearing such jewelry puts us in good mood and associates with lazy, careless summer days.

Fingers crossed for El Coco. Anika and Marcin, we wish you good luck. And may the Coco power and creativity be with you! It was really great to meet you ;)

El Coco Jewelry and stickers you can buy at elcoco.pl.

The latest products follow at Instagram @el_coco_poland and Facebook: @elcocopoland.

xoxo Gosia & Marta

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