Enjoy Many Mornings

If you are looking for a way to be in a good mood from the very morning, just put the colorful socks on! We have lately discovered a sock brand that is just enchanting!

Many Mornings is a Polish family company from Aleksandrów Łódzki that manufactures socks with colorful patterns and funny motives, at the same time providing the best quality. We have recently received these socks as a gift and we could not resist showing them to you. We are happy to promote Polish brands and here is again the occasion to do it.IMG_9730 copy


Creators of Many Mornings talk about their brand in the following way:

‘Reach big things with small steps. Put on your new colorful socks MANY MORNINGS! They will give you a quantum of joy and happiness! Change your grey sleepy mornings into the jungle of colors! Mark yourself with a sock. We wish this additive to reality help you feel exceptional. No matter if you are working on the boring report or go shopping by bus- everyone needs a little bit of craziness. Join MANY MORNINGS and share originality with others!’


Colorful socks with interesting patterns are the recent hit of the market. This so-far usual element of clothing may become a wonderful addition to everyday stylization. Dots, stripes, geometric patterns, insects, animals, fruits and vegetables – these are just a few ideas for extravagant socks. Literally speaking, everything may be a good pattern on the socks. Such trend is called a ‘London look’, as it was born in the streets of UK capital. It is fantastic that no matter how old you are and what is your gender, whether you are wearing jeans or smart casual clothes- you may wear the craziest socks you wish. For us these crazy socks are a method of reviving everyday outfit, breaking a stereotype that socks should be the invisible element of clothing. This is just a simple method to have fun. Two various socks?  Why not! They bring smile to our faces and all faces around us. How about pineapple-patterned socks or maybe the bee-socks?


We really love the products of Many Mornings and also the idea they promote. The brand’s designers created the SHARE a PAIR action! They wish to share their joy and help persons in need. When we buy a pair of socks, the company send another pair to the people who need them.



So, we will be happy to buy more pairs of these socks. We are looking forward to the new, spring patterns on socks!

Wishing you a lovely week!

xoxo Gosia & Marta

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  • happy_sweetsoul

    I’ve never heard about Many Mornings, but their socks are amazing! So crazy and colourful??And such a great idea with SHARE a PAIR action!