#Freakshake – desserts for real gourmands

Esthetically rich, occurring in many forms, textures and colors- something fresh, and contradictory to all low-calorie diets eliminating gluten and lactose. It’s a #freak shake- a real sugar bomb- the last trend in social media and real. 

Considering its look and visual qualities, freak shakes has been the most frequently photographed and posted desserts. These extremely photogenic shakes has come from Australia. They have thousands of calories but look awesome!  Freak shake are monstrous morphed milkshakes, overflow with lashings of cream, chocolate and caramel sauces, and indulgent delicacies such as chunks of brownie, nuts, pretzels, biscuits, Nutella, marshmallow, colorful strands, jellies, M&Ms, and even whole slices of pie- everything from the black list of someone who dreams about a perfect figure. This is a real phenomenon, considering the overwhelming fashion for vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free diets. Freak shakes are totally opposite. It is really hard to resist them, so in order not to be deprived of such delicacy and pleasure one should give oneself a #cheatday and treat the shake a #cheatmeal on the indulgence day.

We have so far known freak shakes only from the Internet, but they immediately attracted our attention. And obviously we were eager to taste them. So, going to Gdańsk for the last weekend, we searched for a place where such delicacies are served. Yummy cafe is located at Waldelota street known for hipsters’ places. It is small but very climatic. We ordered one shake per each of us and we immediately experienced the sweetness ourselves. Imagine how sweet can the milkshake be if basing on Oreo cookies, containing cotton candy, whipped cream and donuts. Crazy! Another one we ordered based on peanut butter and nuts and was much less sweet! Although the shakes looked terrific and we could not resist them, we did not manage to drink them all. One such dessert would probably satisfy two persons ;)

Freak shake is mega-rich dessert, it’s a real perversion and exaggeration. It is to be sweet and rich in calories. It is a real forbidden fruit of our times. Even if you are on a restrictive diet, make a “cheatday” and taste the freak shake!

We are curious if you have ever tasted one? If yes, tell us if you managed to drink the whole :)

xoxo Marta & Gosia

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