Home Sweet Home vol.2

Today we are taking you to another unique place. This time we have visited the Old town in Gdańsk. See for yourselves, how well the minimalism can be combined with the surfers’ style and the space of over 100-year-old building.

In the tenant’s house of 1903 in the heart of Gdańsk a wonderful modern flat of Basia is located.  In the 112 sq m Basia created the interior that reminds us of the surfer’s style beach house. At the very moment you enter the flat, you see a wide, bright, but minimalist living room. The flat was deprived of a hall in order to obtain a wide open space. Black industrial lamps make a strong accent and attract attention from the first sight. A particular impression is made by the original ceiling lamp- the bright bulbs hanging on long cables. Owing to the yellow coach Karup the living room is always full of sun and the deckchair brings the summer memories back.

White, smooth walls ideally match the wooden floors in warm color, bright ash-tree door and light, modern furniture.

Basia loves accessories. See the photo: coffee table by Hugleskateboard by Globecap of favorite Basia’s company Carhartt (in her collection seem to be the caps of all colors…), photo album with David Bowie’s picturesPaul Frank’s tin and hipster’s carnations ;)

A light bookcase, apart from books and magazines related to architecture contains other interesting things: original toy Kaziu de bubua wooden lamp by Patykimetal mug by Paulina Ostrowskpaper bags UashmamaIn the modern flat one must forget about plants. This time, apart from cactuses and grub fern, you may also see the philodendron.

Basia is an art historian by profession and one of her hobbies is collecting graphics. Below you can see three graphics  from her collection belonging to Polish artists: Patrycja Podkościelny, Marcin Wolski and Magda Rucińska.

In the flat we were impressed by the enormous sliding door leading to the bedroom. We were fascinated by its history. Basia had discovered the door by accident as before the refurbishing they had been covered by the red plasterboard. After being cleaned the door appeared to be a wonderful decoration, like a gate to the bedroom.

Accessories and additives give special character to the place. Basia’s flat is full of accessories and decorations, in every corner, shelf case, window sill. everywhere you may find something interesting.

The open wardrobe is quite an idea! Not only does it expose clothes but helps to save place. Basia has always been a fan of a sport look. Her favorite brand, apart from Carhartta, is the Polish company Pleasure. As regards shoes- she chooses Adidas or Nike. She seems to know everything about individual models and collections of shoes.

A Scandinavian-style bathroom perfectly matches the whole flat. And of course, as with every girl, it contains favorite cosmetics ;)

Basia’s interior is a never-ending creation process. Ever furniture, accessory found in the flat is really well-thought and selected to create a dream space. That is why she does not buy all things in one time. She prefers to do everything slowly, gradually, calmly searching for special accessories and furniture she will like.

Next time we are in Gdańsk we will visit Basia and see what new there is in her flat. We are sure she will again surprise us ;)

xoxo Gosia & Marta

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