Home Sweet Home vol.1

In Spring many of us feel the need of internal and external changes. We cannot stop doing the house cleaning. We segregate things in drawers, we get rid of old stuff, we organize wardrobes, reorganize furniture and buy new accessories. In this period we most often start refurbishing our houses. It is the Nature waking up to life that makes us want the New and Change. So, we take the opportunity to invite you to the colorful and happy flat of Ania and Michał that may become an inspiration for your spring changes in your interiors.

Flat of Ania and Michał is located in one of tenant’s houses in Toruń in one of the oldest districts. Cozy and colorful- these two expressions come to our mind when we see it. Inspired by the Scandinavian style and climate of the 50s Ania has created the interior of unique character. We admire the original furniture, exceptional accessories, interesting solutions and the radiating positive climate.

Ania is the interior designer perfect-homeand she also designs furniture. In the picture below you see furniture designed by Ania- made from the ash-tree by the friend carpenter.

Look at the beautiful wall in the living room covered with the sawmill boards, painted with gray oil. It reminds us of Scandinavian interiors and makes us think it is cozy there.

Original cabinet is the furniture found in antiquities shop. Ania gave it a new life by painting it in white.

Chairs and a lamp are cult models of the 50s. They perfectly match the subtle living room.

Colorful, op-art stripes hand-painted on the wall of the hall welcome us warmly. No way- you MUST smile ;)

In the kitchen Ania uncovered the original brick and painted it black. On it metal boards  and plates are well seen. Ania has collected them for years! Graphite table made of solid wood is one of our favorite pieces of furniture designed by Ania.

Wow, shoes! This is just a PART of Ania’s collection of shoes. You can see them in various parts of the flat.

Mint-green cases were in fact pine-wood, but Ania changed their color and handles. And now they are colorful accents in the home-office. You can see nice figurines, books and boxes on them. Ania adores them. In each room you can see boxes of different colors and shapes. They are the perfect decoration of the interior.

Today’s post is to be the beginning for the series of posts presenting interiors of houses and flats of our friends and acquaintances. The interior very often tells us much about the owners. The furniture, accessories and home appliances can tell us much about one’s personality and feel inspired. Each of us is different. Each of us has different sense of esthetic, different ideas when designing your own interiors. So, it is good to visit various places and be inspired by interesting solutions of the others’.

So, we cannot wait to see the next posts of this series. Each of them, for sure,  shall be an incredible occasion to meet in a nice company.

xoxo Gosia & Marta

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  • happy_sweetsoul

    Such a beautiful and cozy flat! I absolutely love everything! Very unique??