How to like autumn rain?

Many people do not like the fall, because it is gray, windy and rainy. What can we do, we have such a climate :) We can either move to warm countries, or stay in Poland  and complain every year for a few months, or what we would really recommend – start to like this time of the year :)

If autumn rain spoils your good mood, you should make friends with it, or at least accept it.  The rain doesn’t hurt anyone. Let’s think positively. When it rains, smile and think, “How cool it is that it rains”) Everything is a matter of a good attitude. We have no influence on it, it just rains. We can do nothing about it. And if we get a little bit of dampness so what, in the end we dry :) This is such a time of the year, nothing extraordinary in this, it rains, and the days are very short. We should get used to it and do not worry. With Gosia we decided to stand up to wet weather and do not look sadly at the autumn forecast. Why did we decide to like the rain …? Because we have no other choice :)


In the autumn slob appropriate clothes are essential. We must be careful not to get soaked and catch a cold. New fashionable rubber boots and umbrellas in the nice designs will improve our mood. We once wrote about the rubber boots- willies in the context of music festivals. This time we have prepared for you a summary of fantastic colorful umbrellas. Time to throw the black away. There’s enough black and gray around…

Umbrella in the favorite pattern is a cool gadget and interesting finish the autumn look. Even in autumn you can go crazy and make your world a little happier :)


1,2,3 – Moschino, 4 – umbrella in macarons –, 5,9 – Orla Kiely, 6 – heart umbrella, 7 – bubble stick umbrella, 8 – Wittchen, 10,11 – Desigual, 12 – Rosina Wachtmeister

Rain does not want us to render unpleasant life. According to folk beliefs, it is a blessing, a good omen. After all, without it the fields  and orchards were drying, and people and animals faced famine.


for the moody atmosphere

for the puddles, we can jump up in

for the sound of drops hitting the window sill when we read a favorite book

for the colorful umbrellas and rubber boots

for the moisture of the earth, tired of summer heat, which in the spring will thank us with beautiful green leaves


The next time when it rains, always wear your favorite rubber boots, take  your colorful umbrella and begin a new day with a smile. The more we smile, the greater the chance that the sun will shine.

xoxo Marta & Gosia

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