Hygge – the Danish Art of Happiness

Hygge can be found all over the worlds in situations when we think about closeness, sensuality and spontaneity…

What is HYGGE, why is it so magical, where to look for it and what does it consist in? I have found some answers in the Book of Marie Tourell Soderberg, entitled The Danish Art of Happiness. It seems we all know them. In our lives we experience hygge but we do not name them as such. Hygge is a feeling of happiness and joy found in everyday life.

“Moments of  hygge are glimmers of everyday life  that make us happy”

Philosophy of Hygge has been known in Denmark for over 200 years. Not without a reason the Danes have belonged to the happiest nations for years. Last year they even took a first place in the classification of the happiest people.  Hygge is universal; however, it is not reserved only for the Danes.      

No doubt, they are specialists in hygging. They hygge or find hygge that this world has permeated their life and culture. They can derive joy from simple everyday activities. They love spending time with family and friends. They relax by doing simple things. Hygge is the word used by them at any occasion. It may be a verb, a noun or an adjective. In Denmark you may have time for hygge, recall the hygge with friends or talk about hygging on holidays. The Danes use it when they are happy and we can envy them this happens so often ;)


Hygge = Joy of Little Things

The concept of hygge contradicts the idea of consumptions surrounding us. It glorifies moments for self-fulfillment, harmony, time with family and friends, but not the rat race. Hygge is catching volatile moments that one should celebrate and cherish. Each person has his own hygge that may be discovered in various situations. For some of us hygge is walking in the woods, laughter, cooking together with family, and for others- an evening with friends, reading a good book, traveling, relaxing in the nature, doing crossword puzzles, warm bath with bubbles, theatre, dancing lesson or everyday routine.

Hygge = Magic of Each Day

No without a reason can we find more hygge in Denmark than in Poland. It is an ideal description of this Scandinavian country. Denmark is a small country, where people care for a sense of unity. Citizens care for one another. The care for their culture, traditions, they are kind to each other and form various circles of interest. Denmark is a symbol of welfare state where it is important to minimize discrepancies between citizens. As their basic needs are provided for, the Danes may focus on social, creative and personal aspects of life. Denmark is good for hygge due to its climate, as well. Rainy and gloomy weather makes the Danes prefer to be at home. It is there where they most often practice hygge.


Hygge = A Key to Happiness

Reading a book by Marie Tourell Soderberg you will find out that people understand hygge in many ways. You will see what hygge at home, hygge in the kitchen is. You will find out that hygge can be practiced all year.

I hope that everywhere in the world there will be fashion for hygge. Maybe one day in our country and language a word will appear picturing the state of joy and happiness. Let’s find hygge in our lives, and care for it :) Let’s hygge all year.

xoxo Marta

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