#instalove vol.3

We have prepared for you a new cycle of our Instagram inspirations. Hereby we present the three new accounts. We believe you will love them.


24-year old Kristina Solomakha from Lvov loves turquoise color and her gallery on Instagram proves it marvelously. Each picture is taken in similar tone so the whole profile of Kristina is consistent and significantly differs from other numerous accounts on Instagram. We particularly liked the combination of turquoise and pink, so we follow Krisina’s gallery with much pleasure. We have been wondering many times how she finds places in her surrounding that are in blue-green tones and how can she find objects in the same color, but it’s probably her secret. We strongly recommend you to see this profile as Kristina’s pictures are just adorable.


Matt’s gallery fascinates us with pictures of people, places, architecture and objects in surrealistic sweet colors. Minimalism, some humor and magical places-these are main features characterizing his profile. Matt’s world is a wonderful Candy Land. If you like to see the world through the rose-colored spectacles you MUST see Matts’ Instagram account.


This one is another freaky person. We love her colorful pictures. Rainbow Hot Pink Pineaples and her great way of presenting reality where there is no sadness, no cloudy days and no seriousness, makes us all smile and is very optimistic and inspiring.

We are pleased to present you some of exceptional pictures from Instagram. We strongly encourage you to follow their creators. Each of them will for sure give you much pleasure to watch, many inspirations and visual pleasure.

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Wishing you a lovely week :)

xoxo Gosia i Marta

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