It’s always tea time – exhibition

At the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń an exhibition took place that was inspired by the Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice in Wonderland”. The works of 72 artists from 16 countries were presented. The references to the cult novel have been several times made on our blog, and again this time I cannot resist to show you the amazing works I saw and photographed.

It was my dream exhibition. It was awesome, to see life all the portraits of the Hatter, Alice, White Rabbit and the Caterpillar made in different forms of artistic expression. The works presented at the CCA in Toruń used many artistic techniques, such as drawing, collage, lithography, digital print, oil and acrylic painting moved me to the surrealistic world and, to my joy, allowed me to break away from reality…  Looking more closely at each of the works, I was thinking about phenomenon of the Carroll’s book that has inspired artists for over 150 years. Despite the time lapse the Wonderland and her crazy inhabitants attract and capture new followers. I am really fascinated by the Wonderland, although from the time a read the novel for the first time about 20 years have passed. I am still amazed at the main characters and any time I have a chance I follow Alice to the Rabbit Hole ;)

Natalie Pudalov – It’s always tea time


I was particularly impressed by the sculptures…I could not stop looking at the details, elaborate decorations and interesting materials. I was absolutely amazed at the Mad Hatter, which is my favorite inhabitant of the Wonderland, made by Annika Aedma. Pay attention to his exceptional clothes, made of wonderful materials and the tiny, exquisite details.

Annika Aedma – Mad Hatter



Yulia Kraeva-Kenkadze – Alice


Andrey Nikitinskikh – Queen of Hearts


Kristina Anders – White Rabbit


Fatemeh Haghnejad – Tea time


Lena Revenko – It’s always tea timeimg_8155 Evelin Vassar – Mad Hatter


Gundega Muzikante –Another cup of tea?


Urmas Viik – It’s always tea time



Piret Mildeberg – White Rabbit


Lina Dudaite – Tea


Anita Paegle – Which day is today?


Ulla Saar – It’s tea time


Kertu Sillaste – Mad teaimg_8025

I would love to show you more of the works, but the post would have been too long… Most of the time I spent on selecting proper pictures, I could not decide which to choose, and exchanged them several times. Nevertheless, I hope  you will enjoy the view of the ones I have selected, and you will feel amazed.

While you watch them, I shall go and make myself some tea…there is always time for good tea :)

xoxo Gosia

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