Magnum Pleasure Store

Each trip is an opportunity for me to explore new unique places. This time during my short trip to Lisbon I came across Magnum Pleasure Store. This is the place where the well-known ice cream take on a different dimension …

I discovered it at Rue Trindade 13. Taking a walk in the evening around the streets of Lisbon, I was attracted by huge ice creams on a stick decorated with tinsel and shiny glaze. They gleamed in the large illuminated sites on the first floor of the building like a work of art. Place reminded me of a gallery or museum. Unfortunately, it was too late to check it out. I decided to visit that place the next day and see what was inside.

The next day, I found them after a long search in a tangle of narrow streets of Lisbon, where you can really get lost. It turned out that I came into the kingdom of magnum ice cream. There was no art gallery, but minimalist and tastefully decorated ice cream shop, where you could compose your own magnum. This place was designed with attention to every detail, from the showcases with gold ice cream, comfortable chairs, wall decorations with gold, and ending with stylishly dressed service. Although the place seemed elegant, there prevailed a very relaxing atmosphere. The “bartenders” who were preparing ice cream as delicious drinks, cared about the proper atmosphere :)


So if I came here, I decided to create my unique magnum. At the beginning I had to choose the portion size. There are two types to choose, which differ in the number of layers of chocolate and additives. I decided to choose a smaller one. It was so chocolate and nutritious, that I could barely eat it. The base is the very creamy ice cream. You dip it into one of three types of chocolate (white, milk or dessert), then sprinkle with selected additives and at the end decorate it with liquid chocolate  and a chocolate stamp “M”.

I loved the process of creating the ice cream. I took a short video of the creation to remember it.

Depending on the selection of chocolate and additives one can compose many interesting variations of colors and tastes of ice cream. It is great fun. But this is not the end. Before tasting the ice cream you must wait three minutes so the chocolate hardens. It’s the perfect time for a souvenir photo :)

These ice cream look so nice that it’s a shame to eat them. I could not resist taking the photo of my magnum I wasn’t isolated in the desire. Everybody  around me, instead of eating, were shooting their ice cream. There was nothing improper in it, however. Everybody acted according to the instructions. At the entrance to the Magnum Pleasure Store is there’s is an instruction saying what you exactly must do when you’re there. First, you must create your own magnum, then take a picture of  it, place it in the Internet, share on social media, mark #magnumlisboa and then enjoy eating :)



I  recommend this place to all chocolate-lovers – it a mere pleasure :)

xoxo Marta

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