Malta with girls ;)

Nine girls with different temperaments and personalities, living in different cities, stole for themselves four days of wonderful holidays in order to travel to Malta. And, although it may seem impossible to leave all the responsibilities, find free time and organize themselves in such a big group, we will show you that each of you can do it.

Travel to Malta for us was the second girls’ trip. Two years ago, together we visited the beautiful city of Prague. During that trip an idea to create our blog was born. Last year in  a similar group we were discovering secrets of Budapest. Each of those trips was the only one of its kind. Each one gave us a different dose of emotions, experience and memories. Travelling with girls only has a completely different character than family trips or a mixed group of friends travel. We have all the time reserved for friends and from morning to night, we can do everything that girls like most. Such trips are amazing, they add strength and energy! This is valuable time and one should really try to do it at least once a year – do something just for yourself and go on such a trip.

We invite you to watch the movie made by our friend Julia from @lucky9studio

The more people the merrier we are and the more excitement. Because there are so many of us, our trips are unique. Although each of us is different, we are of different characters and temperaments, we  are able to get along well and enjoy every moment spent together. Of course, sometimes one of us wants to go to the beach, the other- explore the area, the third- turn around the shops or enjoy a coffee or something to eat. It is not a problem, because we can split, combine into groups so that each of us could do what want to at the time. The most important is mutual understanding, acceptance of the needs of others, and a positive attitude.


fot. Julia Karczewska

Malta is even more beautiful than we expected. This small country, consisting of 3 islands, is very charming strip of land on the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful historic architecture, a rich diverse history of the place, sunny weather in October, friendly and welcoming residents. All of these captivated us. Walking through the narrow streets of beautiful small villages we were impressed by the houses in the colors of sandstone with colorful doors and balconies. Fabulous boats moored on the banks- for us it was an unforgettable symbol of Malta. We have  to come back there soon and we highly recommend holiday in Malta.



fot. Julia Karczewka

Many of you may think that  organizing such a trip is impossible, because it is hard to leave family, work, all the daily duties each of us has got. The problem may also be costs that have to be incurred. However, if we succeed, and our friends have travelled every year in this way for 7 years, trust us, you too can do it, too.

It is very important to prepare the trip a few months in advance, it gives you the opportunity to save money and organize everything in the house, so you can go on holiday and not to worry about home. If you already assemble a group of close friends with whom you want to go on a trip, please check our 3 tips that may help you organize it.


We recommend you first of all large cities and European capitals, such as Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, London, Rome or Barcelona. The larger the city the more things going on and there are plenty of interesting places to see. In big cities there is always something for everyone, as unique monuments, museums, galleries, cafes, good restaurants and interesting nightlife. Every day different person may choose a place one wants to see. Anyone who is interested in cuisine may offer a cool diner, the other searches the web for interesting club or exhibition. It’s best when each of the girls takes care of what she likes most. Our trips are planned this way.


Probably at this moment you think that these trips are expensive and it can be a hindrance for you. It is certainly difficult to implement, if you have to spend money for fly/drive at the same time. We always divide these expenses over time. The first we buy a plane ticket or bus, depending on where we’re going. To Prague, Budapest or Berlin you can travel by bus or train. To more distant places the best way is to go by plain, Whizzair or Rayanair. We try to find cheap tickets. We always reserve tickets a few months before the travel, than tickets are much cheaper.


We always reserve accommodation at different time than plane ticket or bus, so we don’t assume all the costs at the same time. As we travel in a big group of friends, we always look for a large apartment. We never have trouble with that. We recommend you to search for accommodation at and Accommodation divided into a few persons is very attractive. This is a much cheaper option than the nights in hotels. You can also choose adoffers hostels, which are the cheapest option. We recommend selecting accommodation in the city center or close to places that interest you, so that you can save money for communication tickets and of course time you will spend for travelling.

We hope that our advice is useful and will help you to launch this type of trips among your friends :)

We wish you amazing trips!

Marta & Gosia


fot. Julia Karczewska


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