#Museum of Ice Cream – fulfilling your childhood dreams

Have you ever dreamt of a bath full of colorful sprinkles? Would you like to walk in the room full of yellow and pink bananas? Are you the ice cream lovers and lovers of everything related them? If yes, you must get to know the ice cream museum that was established in Los Angeles not o long ago and where all of us can feel children again.

The museum was created by Maryellis Bunn, great ice cream lover. Together with her boyfriend she created a project that is not a typical museum, but a place where your crazy, childhood dreams come true. In the museum tastes are mysterious, ice cream additives are toys and sprinkles make your world better. The mission of this ice cream kingdom is to create a space that connects people and stimulate imagination.


First Museum Of Ice Cream was created in New York. It very quickly became popular, tickets were sold out in a few days. visitors loved it so much that Maryellis decided to open another, temporary one museum in Los Angeles at the Arts District premises. The new one is 4 times bigger than that in New York.

Museum of Ice Cream is full of colors and joy. Its main goal is interaction with visitors. In each room you can smell or taste something.

Museum of Ice Cream


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But what would be a Museum of ice cream without ice cream? At the entrance you can taste ice cream of new compositions created especially for this place. You must follow the rule: visit and eat.

The largest attraction of the museum is a pool full of colorful sweet sprinkles. You can jump into it in your clothes and swim on a swimming ring. You can feel there as a child, laughing and splashing with colorful sprinkles.

If you are interested in the history of ice cream you may use the ice cream hot-line and ask for any information.

The museum contains several original installations. One of them was made by Abel Benton. This is the installation that introduces some chaos into the place. It is not as sweet as the others.

In one of the rooms you may see hundreds of colorful bananas hanging from the ceiling….


Gigantic gummy bears are the fantastic pop-art sculptures ;)

In a wall you can see the melting ice cream on a stick.

Museum of Ice Cream has become incredibly popular in the web. See for yourselves how wonderful pictures can be taken there @museumoficecream :) We wish we lived in Los Angeles so we could visit this magical place.

xoxo Marta & Gosia

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