Positive quotes vol.1

They inspire, lift the spirits, motivate and give you positive mood- simple words, nice graphics, short quotes with optimistic messages :)

We have a weakness for positive quotes dressed in interesting font, combined with funny illustrations, cheerful graphics in eye-pleasing colors. Many times have we used such pictures in our posts or social media in order to pass a message without using many words. We love such word game. It is a simple and nice way to express your mood, opinions or to motivate oneself to act and think positive. In a few words you can include so many thoughts, stimulate reflection, inspire…

For our today’s post we have selected 6 graphics and inspiring thoughts…we hope you’ll like the ;)

@Cloudy Thurstag

Listen to yourself and take care of your health, body and mind. It is wonderful to think about others, take care of their happiness, but we must also remember about ourselves and our needs. Try to find free time only for you, to spend it in the nicest way. Give yourselves little pleasures, treat yourself. It does not mean you will be egoistic. If you feel OK, then your families, partners, children and friends will feel energy emanating from you- a good mood and happiness will make them joyful and happy as well.

Each of us is unique and it is important to love oneself…to see one’s own values and focus on what is beautiful in us. Isn’t it fantastic that we all differ and thus we are exceptional? Nobody is perfect, but each of us has many virtues, good features of character, small and big talents and beauties. Be yourself, always!


The quote from Paul Arden’s book: “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be”, refers both to our private and business life. Sometimes it is worth to take a risk, to dare to make non-standard decisions and have crazy ideas. To do something else from what the situation would suggest. Let us not be afraid to think unconventional. Apparently silly idea may come out as genial, creative and original.


It is us who has the greatest impact on what we feel and what the next day be like. Positive approach and gratefulness for what we already have is of great significance if we wish to make every day happier and better. It is important to take care of each day, to make it good and worthy. Even if you are busy and tired, give yourselves little pleasures, at least 30 minutes per day try  to relax in your favorite way. Each day is a part of your life and should be lived in the best possible way.


A belief in oneself, in one’s possibilities is quite important and has great power if we want to achieve the set targets. So let the faith in yourselves never leave you. Believe strongly you can do it!

Sending you hugs and kisses!

xoxo Gosia & Marta

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  • happy_sweetsoul

    We should start our day using those quotes, they are very inspiring and motivating! And a source of positive energy!