Rachel Ryle – stop-motion genius

Award winning Illustrator & Animator Rachel Ryle is a social media maven of sorts. She enchants viewers by her 15 seconds short-story animations. Having been named the #1 Instagram account to follow by MTV & BuzzFeed, she focuses on incorporating her art & animations into her posts. We encountered Rachel’s art some time ago and we immediately decided to share this new discovery with you. We strongly recommend you to watch some of her animations. We are convinced they will make you smile.

Rachel is a self taught artist who has always loved to explore her creativity.  Throughout her whole life she has filled her free time with creating and creations. She has loved painting and doing craft since her childhood. While she’s always had a passion for illustrating, it wasn’t until July of 2013 that she made an attempt to share her creations with a wider audience. Her first animation that started her career was entitled “Make something & grow”. When posted on Instagram it rose much interest and support. Since then, she has received worldwide support for her art and has been regularly telling as funny stories via animations. The largest motivation to go on creating is the joy she may give for these several seconds to her followers.

Hand-drawn tiny objects and small elements cut out from paper used in her animations are very adorable. They make us smile. Their handmade old-school character is a bit like childhood coloring page or a piece of art from school lessons. That is why they arise such positive emotions. Rachel is a master of telling stories in a few seconds. She often surprises us with creativity and sense of humor.

“You Say Gibraltar, I Say Cortado”

Rachel believes that only by doing something we can grow. Her favorite motto “Make something & grow” is hanging by Rachel’s front door reminding her to never stop creating.

“Mojitos in Training”

“The Farmer Market”
“Banksy Does New York”

“Farm to Table”

“Brewing Bad”

If it was only today that you discovered Rachel’s works and you were as enchanted by them as we are, you must watch her other films and visit her gallery at @rachelryle or YouTube channel @rachelryle-stopmotion.

We wonder which of Rachel’s animations selected by us you like the most?

Wishing you a happy week ;)

 xoxo Gosia & Marta


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