Snowboard on the beach in the middle of summer

Sun, beach and snow! Last weekend at the Hel Peninsula took place the first in history summer snowboard competition. See for yourselves how the event looked like.

Last weekend was marked by quite atypical sports event that we happened to observe in Trójmiasto and Hel Peninsula. Snow on Hel-  the snowboard jibbing competition on the beach, were one of them. As the real funs of snowboard we could not refuse ourselves to see such event. So we went to the Hel to see the first in Poland event of such character.

I was Artur Rajewski from Let’s Board who 5 years ago had crazy idea to organize winter sports event in summer. So, there were 100tons of snow transported to the Hel in five cooling trucks from the area of Nowy Targ (in the mountains). Location of the competition was not accidental. The Hel Peninsula has for many years been the capital of board funs: of surfers, kite-surfers, wake boarders and skaters.  On the beach a slope with obstacles was made. There, the best riders performed complicated tricks on three obstacles: rail, PVC pipe and trapeze, made of old car top.

Watch a short video showing a climate of that event.

 Snowboards in sand – it is a rare view.

We love VW T1 ;)

In Snow on Hel many Polish jibbing riders took part, including Wojtek “Gniazdo” Pawlusiak, the winner. In total 3 boys and girls competed.

Sound of waves, sun, beach and snow…everything seems possible if you really want ;)

In the snowy scenery the music was provided by DJ Stosunkowodobry :)

xoxo Marta i Gosia

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