The most magical festival -Tomorrowland

“At Tomorrowland we celebrate life. We unite hearts from all over the world. One world, one heart. Because we know the heart is the most powerful energy source in the world, we are able to create the power to make this world a better place. More love more happiness.”

Holiday time is rich in many festivals. For many years they have enjoyed continuous popularity among millions of people around the world. As many of you, we have a list of events we wish to take part in. This holiday we have managed to fulfill one of our festival dreams. It happened quite unexpectedly.  In an impulse of a moment we bought tickets and went to see a magical festival #Tomorrowland that has been organized in Belgium, Boom for 10 years. every year people from all world gather there. This year at Tomorrowland there were people from over 200 states. This is a real multicultural festival the main message of which is love, friendship, tolerance and good fun to the rhythm of electronic music.

Tomorrowland is one of the greatest festivals in the world. It is famous for performances of most famous house music, trance, electro, hardstyle, dubstep and other artists. Moreover, it is great due to incredible effects and visuals. Talent and inventiveness of every stage and the whole scenery are indescribable. Fireworks, bubbles, colorful confetti, gold streamers, lasers are just some examples of special effects that accompany the participants of this event. Each out of 16 stages was incredible. The main stage was a real work of art, where, apart from DJs there were theatrical and circus performances, transforming thus the whole event into a performance to the rhythm of electro house. it is really hard to find words to describe the atmosphere at Tomorrowland. You must experience this to understand it. This is an excellent performance and many happy and friendly people take part in it. They are dressed in sophisticated clothes, carry balloons and flags, wear unimaginably colorful makeup. Tomorrowland transfers us all to another reality from where it is difficult to come back. See our movie which may take you to Tomorrowland at least for a moment.

We joined the  People of Tomorrow who believe in enjoying life to the fullest without having to compromise everything. They are responsible for the generation of tomorrow and respect each other and Mother Nature. Respect, Health, Nature, Responsibility and Innovation are the five circles of Love Tomorrow.

Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever

Tickets for Tomorrowland are sold in an instant. every year the festival enjoys great popularity. This year it was held for two first weekends of July. In addition, on Saturday the live transmission was organized from Belgium to eight other musical stages within the Tomorrowland Unite event. These additional events took place in Dubai, Spain, Israel, Germany and South Korea. Each spring you can also enjoy Tomorrowland in Brasil.


Tomorrowland has exceeded the most daring expectations. As if we were on another planet, land of fantasy where everybody is united with music and there are no divisions into nations, races or religions. Amicorum Spectaculum will remain in our minds forever and we promised ourselves to go back there

xoxo Marta & Gosia

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  • Tomek Zieliński

    Niesamowity festiwal!!! Muszę tam pojechać za rok . Jestemcw szoku jak zadbano o detale i z jakim rozmachem zorganizowano to wydarzenie